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There are several good reasons to acquire a Permanent Residency in Australia. Apart from its great cities with amazing options for socialising, convenient infrastructure, and great night life, Australia is also well known for its sandy beaches, fresh air, and great career opportunities. It is a wide-spread belief that those who live in Australia for a while, more often than not, tend to become much healthier, and their fitness levels improve drastically. This is largely because the climate is conducive to following a fitness regime, playing sports and games, and being active in general. Healthcare and education are both very good in Australia, so it’s an ideal country to move to, for people with elders and children in their family.

Australia is also a pretty safe place to live in, and the general work hours in Australian business houses and offices are often flexible enough to allow employees to pursue hobbies, and spend quality time at home.

What is Permanent Residency in Australia?

Permanent Residency in Australia enables people from all over the world to enter, live in, and settle in Australia permanently, without actually being a citizen. An Australian PR status allows permanent residents from across the world to enjoy the experience of living in Australia.

Australia’s Permanent Residency Program is also known as the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. It has been designed for people who are not sponsored by an employer, but instead have a set of skills (with regards to a specific job role or occupation) that are needed in Australia.

Types of Visa:

Australia has certain sectors for which certain skills and abilities are required. Applicants with one or more of those skills and abilities that are required by Australia can apply under this category, even if they do not have a sponsor in the form of a state or territory government, or an eligible Australian relative.
People who enter Australia under this category can avail of facilities within Australia, such as healthcare and education. They can also freely participate in socialising and living a complete, normal, safe life within Australia. Further, after spending a certain number of years within Australia, applicants who have entered under this category become eligible to apply for an Australian citizenship.

Note: This Visa scheme boosts of all the state/territory government being involved.

For applicants whose skills and abilities are in demand in a particular state or territory in Australia, the state sponsors the Visa. Such individuals are recognised by respective state or regional governments as valuable additions to the region’s workforce. Occupations for which various states require skilled immigrants are mentioned in the Independent States Occupation List, which is regularly updated. This is an invite-based Visa, where the state that requires a particular skilled immigrant invites an applicant who matches the requirement, and sponsors that applicant.
This Visa allows immigrants to live and work with respect, in Australia. It also enables them to apply for an Australian citizenship, after a certain duration of their stay has passed.

This is a temporary 4 year Visa, meant for applicants with those skills that are required by a particular state or territory within Australia, as per the Independent States Occupation List. This Visa sub-class is especially useful for those who are unable to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a Sponsored Visa. This invite-based Visa allows the immigrant multiple entries into the country for as long as the Visa is valid. Applicants who enter the country under the Visa sub-class are eligible to apply for permanent residency after a certain duration.

The Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be 50 years old or less
  • Good command over English language
  • Your qualifications and expertise match the occupations on the SOL (Skilled Occupation List), SOL enlists the valued occupations of the Australian labour market.

Additional Visa Requirements
  • The applicant or his/her partner should have eligible relative residing in Australia with willingness or capacity to support you.
  • You find a nomination from the participating state/territory government institute.
What You as an Australian PR can Expect
  • Entitled for permanent work and stay in Australia.
  • Can study in all possible educational institutes including schools universities and vacation training institutes etc.
  • Affordable healthcare through Medicare and PBS.
  • Depending upon the availability you are also entitled for a few social security payments.
  • If you fulfil the residency eligibility, it also makes you eligible for Australian citizenship.
  • And finally you yourself can also sponsor your kith and kins for PR in Australia.

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