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08 May

How to Select a Foreign Education and Immigration Consultancy?

Going abroad to study, work, or settle is a huge decision with many pros and cons, and should be taken with due consideration to lots of different factors. First, it is expensive to study abroad, because most currencies are expensive to purchase with the Indian Rupee. Consequently, the cost of enjoying a good lifestyle abroad is higher than in India.

Deciding on a good country to settle in, work, or study is not very easy, because we are spoilt for choice. Add to that we very well know that living in a new country comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Shifting to a new place involves making a shift in one’s own personality, giving oneself an image makeover, working on one’s cross cultural communication skills, improving social etiquette, and mastering spoken English above all. Then, one needs the right kind of guidance when it comes to actually selecting a University, a city, and the country itself. Once that is done, applicants are likely to need help with applying for and passing various qualifying tests, sending applications to universities, preparing the necessary documentation for a VISA application, and actually applying, as well as training for VISA interviews.

This is where a Foreign Education and Immigration Consultancy such as Angel EduNext comes in the picture. These consultancies usually have a dedicated team of people who know how to hand-hold a candidate from the moment he steps in with a dream of going abroad, till the point where it becomes a reality. Angel EduNext is among those education consultants who help with the decision making process after carefully assessing your educational background and academic scores. They have VISA consultants who are skilled in accurately assessing the strength of your VISA application, and know how to help each individual candidate in putting together a strong VISA application file, so as to increase their chances of getting a VISA with as less of a hassle as possible.

Angel EduNext also has highly qualified Language Trainers who help candidates prepare for tests such as IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, and PTE, and groom them to pass various spoken interviews, apart from the written tests. The trainers at Angel EduNext are skilled at giving personalised attention to each candidate based on his strengths and weaknesses, without judging the student. The consultancy has very high recruitment rates, which serve as great track records for candidates to rely on. Angel EduNext also has numerous certifications from international certifying bodies. All Angel EduNext branches have dedicated classrooms, hi-tech tools and equipment to aid studies, multiple different courses and workshops for candidates to enrol in, and years of experience behind them.

The consultants at Angel EduNext are absolutely transparent in their processes and have integrity enough to tell you if your application to a certain country or university does not stand a chance. They will not mislead you into thinking that you can get admissions or VISAs to certain places, if they think the chances are very slim. They know how to scrutinize your records and tell you exactly where it is possible for you to get through and where it isn’t.

In fact Angel EduNext is one of those few highly reliable consultants who have a history of being able to secure VISAS even for those candidates who have previously been rejected. At Angel EduNext, we take care of your admission and immigration from start to end.

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