In all domains of human endeavour be it academics, politics, journalism, corporate culture or even in the general social milieu the art of public speaking is a very advantageous one to master. The ability to put forth your viewpoint with clarity and strength in a well-structured speech can bring about great results for your career in the long run. Public speaking is an acquired skill, so it can be mastered by anyone over a period of time with diligent effort regular practice, and correct guidance.

We at Angel EduNext offer Public Speaking Courses in Ahmedabad, which promise to give you the tools required to be a successful orator. Nothing makes you more conscious of yourself than being in front of an audience; be it as a teacher before a classroom, an employee in a boardroom, a host at an event, or even something as basic as addressing an informal social gathering. You realize that you need to know your language astutely in terms of vocabulary and grammar; you need to structure your thoughts and form them into sentences to capture the attention of the audience, and you need to sustain the spirit with which you start right up to the very end.
Stage fear is not only in the mind but also resides in the lack of proper guidance as to how to use your voice, speech and language skills to maximum proficiency.
So, we have designed a course where you learn as you perform in class, and after each session, you step out a little more confident, and better at public speaking.
We have experienced Public Speaking tutors in all our branches across Ahmedabad. You can visit us at our branches in Gandhinagar and Bopal.



10 Tips for Public Speaking

  • KNOW YOUR MATERIAL: Pick a topic you are interested in and research well about it. Use humour, personal stories and anecdotes in your speech. Use everyday conversational English that way you’ll not forget what to speak.
  • PRACTICE: Practice, practice, practice. Rehearse out loud along with all equipment that you plan to use. Revise. Try to control  your use of filler words with each practice. Practice with a timer and allow some time for the unexpected.
  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: It is nice to be aware of the general expectations of people at the receiving end of your talk so that it is not at odds with their context and experience. Also as the people walk in greet some of them. It is easier to talk to friends than to strangers.
  • KNOW THE ROOM: Arrive early, walk around the speaking area and practice using the microphone and visual aids.
  • RELAX: Begin by warmly addressing the audience. It buys you time and calms your nerves. Pause, smile, and even count to three before you answer anything. Transform nervous energy into enthusiasm.
  • VISUALIZE: Visualize yourself giving the speech. Imagine yourself speaking- your voice clear and confident. Visualize the audience clapping- it will boost your confidence.
  • REALIZE: Realize that people want you to succeed. Audiences want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative and entertaining. They are rooting for you.
  • DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR NERVOUSNESS: It is likely that no one has even noticed that you are nervous, so you don’t need to apologize.
  • CONCENTRATE ON THE MESSAGE: Never lose sight of the theme of your talk, and address the audience with a view to communicate with them, not at them.
  • GAIN EXPERIENCE : Experience builds confidence. From one instance of public speaking to the next, you will evolve as a speaker, and there will be a considerable augmentation in your abilities with the knowledge that experience provides.


  • Personalized attention
  • Step by step preparation
  • Free grammar coaching
  • Limited batch size
  • Convenient timings
  • Unlimited practice
  • Extensive and quality study material
  • Periodic mock tests to judge progress
  • Extra spoken English practice for all students, daily
  • Air conditioned classroom
  • Individual headphones for effective listening practice