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Studying in the United Kingdom (UK) has been a long cherished dream for many students. The UK has hundreds of great universities, some of which have long legacies dating back to the medieval eras. These legacies have been kept well preserved, and education standards in the UK have consistently kept improving year on year. Higher education in the UK is a fine blend of the ancient and the contemporary, giving students the best of both worlds.

Today, 18 of UK’s universities are consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities, usually in the top spots. Not only is the UK higher education scene attractive to undergrad and post-grad students, but also to those pursuing a career in research and academia. Doctoral courses (PhD) in the UK are highly coveted programmes, owing to the validity they provide to the researcher.

Access to labs, material, international virtual libraries, and research samples is also fairly easy for those studying in the UK, because universities are extremely supportive of international students. UK education supersedes that of most other countries in fields such as engineering, science, business, law, finance, arts, management, and design.

When you decide to study in the UK, you have a choice between lush countryside towns, small slow cities, and large bustling metros. There are good universities everywhere in the UK, and the best way to select the right university for yourself is to conduct your own research, and follow it up by a consultation with a reputed foreign education consultant.

UK for International Students

Once a student gets qualified from a reputed university in the UK, even at undergraduate level, many opportunities tend to open up worldwide. Students have many varied subject options to choose from, and great module mixes to opt for, once they enrol into a university. Degrees obtained from reputed universities in the UK are internationally recognised and valued by employers and institutes. With more than 150 universities and colleges to choose from, coupled with innumerable choices when it comes to subject selection, international students naturally gravitate towards the UK.

The UK government as well as individual universities provide various scholarships for international students, making it easier to gain access to a degree abroad in the UK. International students also have access to internships, work-placements, and industrial experience.


Why Study in the UK?

There are many good reasons to study in the UK. The first being that good universities in the UK provide specialised 1 year long post graduate degrees in an array of subjects. These degree programmes tend to be quite intensive, but they are equivalent in stature and recognition to 2 year long post graduate degrees from other countries.

Universities in the UK are welcoming towards international students; hence, they tend to attract students from many different countries with diverse cultures. This creates great opportunities for networking, making new friends, and expanding one’s horizons without even stepping out of the campus.

Off-campus, as well, there are many affordable, interesting activities and places to visit to keep students engaged and create a conducive atmosphere for unwinding.

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

IELTS is an English Language Testing System that is mandatory for Indian students looking to study abroad in the UK.

For more information on IELTS, IELTS Application, and IELTS Coaching, please contact the Angel EduNext office.

Cost of Education in the UK

The cost of tuition in the UK ranges from 10,000 GBP to 25,000 GBP per year. The tuition fees vary from university to university, depending upon the international ranking of the institute, as well as the location and the course selected.

The cost of accommodation usually ranges between 10,000 GBP and 15,000 GBP per year, once again depending on the location of the campus, the choice of accommodation, and the number of people sharing an apartment, flat, or cottage.

Students are advised to brush up their budgeting and planning skills to make the most of the money they spend. Study material such as books and stationery, living expenses such as groceries, and other entertainment expenses should also be factored in.

A good foreign education consultant can help you with accurate planning, so you don’t end up leaving any loose ends.

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