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Singapore is a lively hub in Southeast Asia where modern buildings mingle with greenery, forming a vibrant scene. Though known for its pricey reputation, Singapore offers affordable higher education choices. With its cutting-edge technology and top-notch education, a curriculum that meets the needs of today's students.

Colleges & Universities
Bands in IELTS
SGD 12,000
Fees Per Year
Pathway to AUS, NZ, UK
A Compelling Opportunity

Why Study in Singapore ?

A Compelling Opportunity

Why Study in Singapore ?

Enriching Campus Life: Immerse yourself in a vibrant campus life, coupled with top-tier academics and a culturally diverse environment.

Inclusive Community: Experience a diverse and welcoming environment that embraces people from all walks of life.

Safety and Vibrancy: Enjoy a secure and dynamic atmosphere, making your study experience both safe and exciting.

Language Harmony: Navigate your academic journey effortlessly with the simplified language compatibility.

Effortless Visa Process: Benefit from a streamlined visa process, making your transition to studying in Singapore hassle-free.

Financial Accessibility: Explore affordable education options without compromising on quality, ensuring a cost-effective academic experience.

Convenient Location: Take advantage of Singapore's strategic geographical and financial position for easy access and convenience.

Unlocking The Benefits - Learn Smarter, Excel Faster

Why Angel EduNext - Your Pathway to Success

Tailored Strategies: Our experts craft a personalized strategy that aligns perfectly with your unique goals.

Paperwork Made Easy: We simplify the process, by preparing and submitting every document for your peace of mind.

Time-Efficient Consultancy: We value your time and ensure deadlines are met without last-minute hassle *.

Motivational Support: Our team with positivity helps in building your confidence throughout the application journey, highlighting the beauty in the process.

Expertise Handling Complexity: Our expertise handles intricate visa application details, allowing you to focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Success Commitment: With our consultancy, you're not just applying; you're reaching for the stars, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Simplified Elegance: We make the complex simple with elegance.

Unlocking The Benefits - Learn Smarter, Excel Faster

Why Angel EduNext - Your Pathway to Success

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Key Features

Due added advantage is the low cost of living with the most of the amenities provided by the govt.

Renowned universities and globally recognized degrees.

Exposure to diverse cultures and global perspectives.

Access to career opportunities in a thriving international market.

Low crime rates and modern infrastructure for a comfortable stay.

Access to various scholarships and financial aid for deserving students.

State-of-the-art facilities and research centers for groundbreaking research.

Connections with professionals and experts in various fields.

High standard of living, healthcare, and vibrant lifestyle.

English as an official language for easier communication and adaptation.

Sequence Of Actions

Streamline Your Path to Singapore Education

Start your Singapore educational journey with assurance, as we stand ready to assist you at every stage of the process.

  • Step 1
    Start your journey with a personalized counselling session at Angel EduNext
  • Step 2
    Choose your course and get admission
  • Step 3
    Confirm your admission at your preferred Institute
  • Step 4
    Apply for your student pass
  • Step 5
    Prepare essential visa docs
  • Step 6
    Pay visa processing fee
  • Step 7
    Get your approval for student pass and Visa
  • Knowledge-Boosting FAQs for a Smooth Journey

    The processing time for a Singapore study visa is typically around 10 business days. However, during the busy period of July-August, when most universities in Singapore resume courses, it may take a bit longer.

    Applying to study in a Singapore university is a straightforward process. Most universities, especially government ones, have an online application system available on their official websites.

    Yes, you can work part-time on your student pass in Singapore. The Ministry of Education allows students to work for a maximum of 16 hours per week during the semester.

    Singapore boasts a well-established healthcare system. International students are required to have medical insurance, ensuring access to quality healthcare services throughout their stay in the country.

    If you plan to stay in Singapore for employment after completing your studies, you can convert your student pass into a visit pass. This pass is valid for one year, during which you can seek employment in the country. Upon securing a job, you or your employer can apply for an employment pass.

    Yes, there are numerous scholarship opportunities for Indian students to study in Singapore. Universities and private organizations often provide financial aid to deserving students.

    Absolutely! Working part-time is a common practice for Indian students studying in Singapore. You can work up to 16 hours per week during the academic semester and full-time during school or university holidays, providing a great opportunity to explore Singapore and supplement your income.

    The financial requirements for a student visa in Singapore typically include evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs. As of 2022, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore recommends that students have at least S$30,000 to S$50,000 per year for their studies and living expenses.

    Project With The Power Of Requirements

    Requirements for Singapore Student Visa

    Project With The Power Of Requirements

    Requirements for Singapore Student Visa

    Essential documents for a Singapore student visa application that are necessary for a smooth visa journey.

    Valid Passport

    ICA form 16 & Form V36

    Application processing and issuance fee

    Tuition fee payment

    Financial Proof & Plan

    Transcripts and Degree Certificates

    English Test Scores

    Two passport-sized Photographs

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